Deadballers: Ducky and High Pockets Present…

Passionately undeveloped opinions on the state of baseball, the shifting landscape of stats and analysis, and the opiate power of El Pato tomato sauce


Ducky’s promising amateur baseball career was derailed by massive shoulder trauma resulting from poor mechanics while attempting to touch 80 on a radar gun. At his peak, he famously massaged a 66 mph changeup into his unrelenting bullet clip of 72 mph fastballs that opposing hitters reverently referred to as “soap bubbly.”

In Arizona, basements are fairly rare. Tough digging through the caliche. Ducky instead lives in an actual bedroom.

Fascinatingly, Ducky has a BA in philosophy which he never hesitates to abuse. Refined yet disingenuous nonchalance can be a powerful weapon when establishing an opinion.

Points of disclosure:
1) Braves fan despite having never spent more than 2 consecutive hours in Atlanta.
2) Easily aroused by left-handed pitching.
3) Is conceptually against the DH while admitting that it results in better baseball.

Ducky on High Pockets: “Pockets and I have been buddies since that long weekend in high school when we were trying to build a seige-caliber trebuchet. Also he had a couple sweet rides in high school, and I was just thankful to absorb some of the biddy run-off.”

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