Deadballers: Ducky and High Pockets Present…

Passionately undeveloped opinions on the state of baseball, the shifting landscape of stats and analysis, and the opiate power of El Pato tomato sauce

High Pockets


High Pockets’ so called “intelligent” thinking led him to quit playing for a small, East coast D-III school during his first year, instead focusing on biomedical engineering. There he studied the mechanics of throwing a baseball in class, causing him to daydream about the glory days of back-to-back Arizona Legion Baseball championships where pumping high 80s fastballs and loopy slurves out of a rubber arm was just a sign of things to come. Those things: aching shoulders and the occasional ornery ulnar nerve.

High Pockets has since moved on to studying for a doctorate in physiology, or at least trying to fool his superiors into giving him one. He actually spends his time scouring the internet for more baseball news and opinions or conjuring up ways to go home and play Xbox or MLB: The Show without being noticed. He also briefly lived in his parents’ basement when home from college, but didn’t like the general spookiness involved so that experiment ended quickly.

When not filling his time with the above-mentioned activities, High Pockets cooks up a mean batch of steaks, ribs, briskets, honey-baked hams, wild boar quesadillas…basically anything you’d find in a podunk-town of Texas that he thinks of as home.

Points of disclosure:
1) From Texas, as previously mentioned. Life-long Rangers fan which means he will throw that one AL Pennant in your face for the rest of his life. Flags Fly Forever, baby.
2) Will tout the prowess of the American League any and everyday of the week. Also, is confused why people assume managing the NL is harder than managing the AL. A double switch is really more challenging than bullpen management against a DH-infused lineup?
3) Enjoys statistics and tries to use them correctly as much as possible…but fails regularly.

High Pockets on life: “Everyday is like a little brisket.”

High Pockets on Ducky: “Ducky has been the one to always try to civilize me: poetry, plays, Ernest Hemingway. I always thought those were things for craigslist encounters, but apparently some people do actually like them for what they are. When he’s not talking about the latest Cormac McCarthy novel or David Simon series, he’s showing me that grilled vegetables fit perfectly with grilled meats. A true dreamer, that one. And he lets me hang out with his cantankerous dachshund roommate that still tolerates my presence!”



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